Fort Wayne Climate

Not too hot and not too cold just about sums up the weather in Fort Wayne. An average July temperature of 84 degrees compares favorably with much of the country, while high temperatures in January remain comfortable at around 30. Although the region averages 24 snow days each year, the average annual snowfall is fairly light at 32 inches. Spring brings tulips and daffodils and plenty of sunshine to cheer up residents who may have seen one cloud too many during the Fort Wayne winter. Daily highs climb up near 60 during April, and by the beginning of May gardeners can plant flowers and vegetables with little fear of another freeze. During the summer, residents enjoy bright, balmy days perfect for a dip in the pool or a quick trip to the golf course after work. Much of the 36 inches of annual rain falls during the spring and summer, making short work of watering lawns and gardens. Fall temperatures drop gradually, and remain in the 60s through October. November highs average in the 50s, and Fort Wayne comes alive with amazing colors from the city?s thousands of trees.