Fort Wayne Community Real Estate Information

Fort Wayne, situated in the north east of Indiana, almost at the border of Michigan and in close proximity to the state of Ohio. The town has won the All American City Award as well as the highly acclaimed City of Livability Award, and for those who have visited Fort Wayne that comes as no surprise. Full of beautiful and famous rivers, such as Saint Mary river, and with a quality of life on cannot experience elsewhere it is a truly remarkable place to live. A huge part of its appeal are the great educational, recreational, artistic and employment opportunities that can be found here, as well as pleasant weather, world class medical facilities and a safe environment for settling down and raising a family - all with a very reasonable price tag.

Fort Wayne originated as farming community and has a very stable and large economy rooted in its history. Today there are a number of employment opportunities in all varieties of jobs in education, technology, manufacturing, insurance and medicine. The school system here is also very high quality, with many options for further education. Students are able to decide between pursuing a liberal arts degree, attending a medical school and just about everything in between.

Fort Wayne is also the home to "Arts United" which allows locals and tourists to appreciate all kinds of artistic and cultural pursuits, including ballet performances, the symphony and the theater, as well as an art museum and history museum. For those who are looking for more traditional recreational pass times there are 87 parks open to the public here, along with various facilities accommodating professional sports teams competitions, including; football, hockey and basketball. In the winder one can indulge in ice skating at one of the many rinks of Fort Worth while in summer there are plenty of public swimming pools to choose from.

Residents of Fort Wayne also have the use of their pick of five local hospitals, all providing quality care and advanced cancer and heart centers. The number of opportunities here, paired with the incredibly reasonable cost of living, (which is well below the average in the United States,) and the opportunities for growth in business, make Fort Wayne one of the most popular cities in the country, and arguably, the world.