Falls of Keefer Creek Real Estate Information

The Falls of Keefer Creek are, very conveniently, located in Fort Worth, next to the Rapids of Keerfer Creek, and as such they have a lot to be proud of. With a huge range of outside recreational pass times to partake in and great access to world class schools located only a few miles away, locals here can live a quiet suburban life right next to a busy big city full of excitement and opportunities.

It shares many walking trails with the next door community of Rapids of Keefer Creek, and these allow the locals easy access to plenty of the nearby parks and playgrounds, including Salomon Park and the local Parkview YMCA. Also nearby is the Allen County Fairgrounds, which each year puts on the Allen County Fair; a big event in the local community.

The younger locals all attend schools in the Northwest Allen County school system, which all place a high value on sense of community and self growth, as well as the importance of education and a positive learning environment. Two of the local schools are only a ten minute walk out of the Falls of Keefer Creek area. There are many styles of home here under eight years old, as the neighborhood is still in its infancy, and provides a great opportunity for new families to live, work and play in a fun, safe and active community with a lost of living but high quality of life.