Rapids of Keefer Creek Real Estate Information

Within Fort Wayne you will find the Rapids of Keefer Creek; a peaceful neighborhood community resting on the edge of a great metropolitan area. There are all the modern amenities one would expect to find in a much larger town as well as a huge range of recreational activities and a good number of homes for sale of all shapes and sizes to suit everyone's needs - people here can enjoy an exceptional atmosphere in which to make their home.

The Rapids of Keefer Creek is a heavily wooded, green area with plenty of trails for walking which lead to many of the parks situated close by, along with plenty of recreational areas, all of which attribute greatly to the residents being fit and healthy. There is something for everyone, whether you want to relax in Salomon Park or spend the day working out at the Parkview YMCA. Five minutes away by car, inhabitants will come across Carroll High School, which is just one of the many Northwest Allen County schools available in the area. The school district is well known for its excellent educational opportunities, and schooling here has a large focus on personal growth as well as growth and success as a community.

Rapids of Keefer Creek is a newer area, built by a number of different builders, so offers an unusual mix of different architectural designs. There are ranches and family sized two story homes, or single story houses that can be bought for as little as $110,000 or as much as $210,000; making them some of the most affordable in the country of comparable size and location. It is a wonderful place to move if you like a friendly community feel to your home.